Electric City Culturecast — I AM AN ARTIST with Micky Renders

Su Ditta hosts the Electric City Culturecast. She continues the I AM AN ARTIST series with Peterborough artist Micky Renders. Among many things, Renders talks about her tutelage under artist Eric Loder. She also talked about the women’s art collective called Artemis and their epic group show at Twohey’s furniture store in 2006 called Furniture, Fissures and Fancies. (picture from the show: Transparencies by Micky Renders and Micky Renders today.)

Music by Evangeline Gentle.

Original Trent Radio broadcast date: November 6, 2019.

The Electric City Culturecast is your window into arts, culture, and heritage in Peterborough. Meet local artists, get to know the people working behind the scenes in some of the premier arts and heritage organizations in the province, and get involved in the cultural issues of the day. It’s an arty party with your host, the Electric City Culture Council’s Executive Director Su Ditta. News, reviews, advice, information, art!

Every other Wednesday @ 6:30 PM on Trent Radio, 92.7 FM or available as a podcast at https://ec3.ptbopodcasters.ca.



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